Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jhalmuri - Famous Beach food

Jhalmuri is a famous street food in Odisha and Bengal. In Odisha it is a famous beach food as well. Most of the people here in Odisha like it spicy. 
Best time to enjoy this snack is afternoon time or tea time. Snacks are enjoyed by everyone.
Jhalmuri is a healthier Snack with lots of cucumber,tomato, green chillies , coconut and boiled yellow peas.

Chop tomatoes,Onion, GreenChillies and Coconut. Put in the bowl.

Add chopped Cucumbers to it.

Add boiled yellow peas to it.

Add Puffed rice/Muri , Sev and Fried Peanuts to it.


Now squeeze half a lemon in it.

Add 1 Tbsp Mustard oil to it.

Now mix everything properly.

 Enjoy with a hot cup of tea.


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