Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kolatha Dali / Horsegram Dal

Horsegram dal is known as Kolatha in odia. Horsegram is high in protein and iron which makes it wholesome food that should be added to our regular diet.
It is known for its diuretic and astringent properties.
It has phenols which helps in reducing weight.
Horsegram also helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
It also helps in reducing flatulence.


1 cup Kolatha dali (soaked for 1 hour and washed properly)
Salt to taste
1 Tsp Turmeric
Few sprigs of curry leaves
1/2 Tsp Panch phoron
Few cloves of Garlic Crushed
1 Piece Ambula(Dried Mango)
1 Dry red chilli
1 Tsp Oil

Pressure Cook the dal with salt and Turmeric for 2-3 whistles. Once it is slightly cool blend the cooked dal in the blender.
Now again Boil the dal and add Ambula to it.
For Tempering, Heat oil add panchphoron to it . When it starts to splutter add curry leaves, red chilli and crushed garlic to it. Fry lightly and the tempering to cooking dal.
Serve with Steamed rice and Sabji.


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