Friday, 25 April 2014

French Marmalade Bread Toast

A Great Breakfast or Brunch time recipe specially for kids during their holidays.The filling of marmalade can easily be replaced by any other favourite jams and they will definitely love the crunchiness of cornflakes and almonds.

What you need:

8 Slices of bread
Orange marmalade
Almond flakes
Crushed Cornflakes
Milk (just to dip the bread)
oil for shallow frying

Cut the sides of the bread. you can use the sides for breadcrumbs.
Sandwich two slices of bread with orange marmalade and some almond flakes. Do the same with rest of the breads.
Cut thin longitudinal slices of bread.
In a plate mix crushed cornflakes and  Almond flakes.
Dip the Sandwich bread in milk and immediately roll it in cornflakes mixture.
Shallow fry till golden brown.  


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